Carlos Santero Barcelona/Spain

Carlos Santero Photography

Wildlife in Buseu

Fly Baby FlyBearded Vulture in flight

This was my second time in Buseu in the spanish Pyrenees to shot Vultures in wildlife

In Buseu in the spanish Pyrenees you can see all 5 kinds of Vultures in Europe.
Maybe the best place in Europe to shoot Vultures.

Sometimes you can see a Fox fighting with Vultures. But noanimals are hurt. It looks more dangerous than it is.Foxes and Vultures are very intelligent animals.

Fly Baby FlyBearded Vulture in flight

The Bonebreaker! Often the bearded vulture called Bonebreaker, because he can break bones easily and swallow even smaller bones easily. (Deutsch: Bartgeier oder auch Lämmergeier) (Spanish: Quebrantahuesos)


Vultures are fantastic Pilots


They can stay in the air for hours with just a few flaps. 80 percent of a day they are in the Air.
Vultures are finding the smallest thermals and use them perfectly. They are the real Kings of the Sky

The Bonecracker

Eating carrion prevents the spread of disease. Soil and water are protected from pathogenic decomposition germs and toxins. The most dangerous bacterial germs, such as anthrax-producing anthrax germs, cannot harm them. This is important because carcasses are home to many of the most dangerous germs. The vulture's digestive system makes it possible. Their gastric juices are so acidic that all germs are killed. In the stomach everything dissolves like in an acid bath.