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Ebro Delta Birds

Two days in the Ebro Delta

In December 2017 I spent a weekend in the Ebro Delta to photograph landscapes and birds.It was an awesome experience.
I know the Ebro Delta pretty well. This is very helpful to find the right spots. Nevertheless, I will be surprised every time anew.
Equipment for the Bird shooting:
Camera: Canon EOS 1-DX
Canon EF 600mm 4.0 L IS II USM
Tripod: Rollei
fotopro T-63 Carbon
Gimbal Head: Benro

Here are some results of the Bird shooting

Run Forrest runStarting flamingo at the ebro delta!
The Rise of thhe FlamingosI shot this picture in the wonderful Ebro Delta. I decided to take this picture just before sunset, to get best colors on the flamingos with the flat sunlight. 3 hours of waiting time have paid off.
Walk like an AngelLocation: Ebro Delta The stone-worm (Arenaria interpres) is a bird species from the family of snipe-birds (Scolopacidae). The Ruddy Turnstone owes its name to its special way of searching for food by turning stones and shells on the beach. Der Steinwälzer (Arenaria interpres) ist eine Vogelart aus der Familie der Schnepfenvögel (Scolopacidae). Der Steinwälzer verdankt seinen Namen seiner speziellen Art der Nahrungssuche, bei der er am Strand Steine und Muscheln umdreht. El Vuelvepiedras común (Arenaria interpres) es una especie de ave de la familia de las Scolopacidaes. El Vuelvepiedras común debe su nombre a su forma especial de buscar comida al voltear piedras y conchas en la playa.
Happy MealLocation: Ebro Delta The dunlin (Calidris alpina) is a small wader, sometimes separated with the other "stints" in Erolia Der Alpenstrandläufer (Calidris alpina) ist eine zirkumpolar verbreitete Vogelart aus der Familie der Schnepfenvögel (Scolopacidae) El correlimos común o playero común (Calidris alpina) es una especie de ave Charadriiforme de la familia Scolopacidae común en las zonas húmedas de Europa.
Little EgretLocation: Ebro Delta