Carlos Santero Barcelona/Spain

Carlos Santero Photography

Walking through Cheetahs Land

Cheetahs Legacy

Tres Cheetas

Cheetahs in the evening lights

High Speed

Beautiful Adventure

Me and Cheetah

Wide Cheetahs Land

Cheetahs and Rainbow

Cheetahs Portrait

Fight for water

Sundown Cheetah

Cheetahs Land

Cheetahs Viewpoint

Too fast for the Furious

Flying Cheetah

The Cheetah and the Moon

Here I present one of my most noted photos of the past. I took this photo in a private reserve for cheetahs. This is a revised version of the postprocessing. I photographed the moon with a different lens and worked it in later, because the moon in the original photo is too small and the effect is lost.

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