Tres Caballeros

Cinereous vulture - Buitre Negro This bird is on the red list of threadened species Its global population is estimated to number 7,800-10,500 pairs, roughly equating to 15,600-21,000 mature individuals. This consists of 2,300-2,500 pairs in Europe (BirdLife International 2004, Anon. 2004) and 5,500-8,000 pairs in Asia (Anon. 2004). The population in Korea has been estimated at c.50-10,000 wintering individuals (Brazil 2009). The estimate roughly equates to 23,400-31,500 individuals.

Trend Justification: Although the European population is increasing, the much larger Asian population appears to be in decline. Overall, a slow to moderate and on-going decline is suspected.

This picture was taken during my 2 days adventure in Buseu a little lost village in the spanish pyrenees. Jordi Canut has a project to protect the nature and the vultures and eagles in this region.

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