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Majestic Pair

Cheetas Paradise

A world without wild animals is like a sea without water. I like animals and nature more than the most people. People who don´t like animals and nature are not my friends, because mostly they don´t care about our beautiful world. What about predators? I think the most evil predators are human beeings. People who care about life and nature never would start a war! Iam happy that many people think so and start a war without weapons against the greed of mankind. We are guests on this wonderful planet.... never forget this!

Eye to eye with the Cheetah

In May, I were in a private reserve and Cheetahs could take pictures with flashes. I think we (me and my assistant) are the first who take photos from cheetahs with flashes in this kind.

Night comes

Out of my adventure with the cheetahs in a private Cheetah Reservation More about this you can see on my website.

My Land


I can see my breakfast

Cheetah Sundown

Relaxed reviewing of the day

Yoiu can read more about my experience with the Cheetahs here:

Marital crisis - After storm comes the sun

Marital crisis - After storm comes the sun In Life there is no sun without storm I shot this picture with the wonderful cheetahs in May this year (2015) in a private reservation here in Spain. I spent 2 full days with the wonderful cheetahs and shot about 2000 pictures there. This was one of my best experience with animals. I was in the situation to study this wonderful elegant animals very close.


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Carlos Santero is a international awarded photographer, born as Holger Neuhaus in Essen Germany and based in Barcelona, Spain