Vultures and Eagles

From 1th to 3th September 2017 I was 2 days in Buseu to photograph Vultures and eagles

Buseu is a little lost village in the spanish pyrenees.
Jordi Canut is the manager of the project to protect the landscape and the vultures.
Here you can see all 4 european species of vultures. I think its unique in europe.
Scientific supervisor of project is Prof. Antoni Margalida from the University of Lleida.
The problem ist, that the vultures in europe don´t have enough food, because in europe exist an act that prohibits to leave cadavers in the landscapes after the BSE-Epidemic In spain the act no mores exists so strong. It is really important to protect the vultures, because they clean our landscapes. Vultures are able to neutralize anthrax pathogen and many other infections. But if a vulture eats an cadaver wich was medically treated with diclofenac the vulture can be die in hours.

Für meine deutschen Freunde hier ein sehr interessanter Bericht von der ARD über dieses Projekt:
If you want to book hides there please tell Jordi Canut best greetings from Carlos Santero
Wenn du dort einen Fotohide buchst, bestell bitte liebe Grüße von Carlos Santero

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